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He began to lick the top of my dick and then ban to suck me off. I wanted to keep pretending that I was straight and that it was a little bit gross by not wanting to touch him with my hands. In reality I wanted to grab his hair and make him suck me faster. The feeling was great! It all felt wonderful.

It all felt so wonderful that I made him stop, grabbed him by the face and brought it close to mine and I told him I was really gay. He seemed confused so I repeated it to him.

“I am really gay.” 

He then smiled, leaned closer and began to kiss me…..

His lips were big and I loved felling them with mine. I tossed my arms around him as he had his body over me, kissing me.

I took my pants completely off and he began to pull my shirt off as we continued kissing. I ended up naked in his bed while he was still wearing all his clothes. So I went for it and began taking his clothes off. Starting from the shirt going down till I got to his socks. 

We were both completely naked rubbing ourselves and kissing. As we kept kissing I began to talk to him. 

"I always knew you were gay," he told me. "I would always stare at your butt when you walked across the main courtyard."

Apparently that is something that I do. All the guys from my fraternity tell me I sway my ass like a girl when I walk. Oh and I like wearing skinny jeans from time to time. But to me it was surprising that this guy had been looking at my ass whenever I crossed the main courtyard. Maybe thats why he wanted to suck me off in the first place.

We continued to kiss and jerk off till we finally began to want to take a break. So I turned around and gave my back to him. All I wanted him to to is to give me a hug and hold me tight but he gave me much more than that. As we laid there, his penis got tucked in perfectly in my butt cheeks, I didn’t think much of it since he wasn’t really going for my anus.

As we laid there I began to get more excited to think that his dick was in my ass. I began to move my ass back and forth as if he was fucking me but of course his dick was not inside of me. This movement excited me even more.

He then grabbed his dick and got it near my asshole. I didn’t think much of it until he tried to get it in. I immediately stopped him and told him that I didn’t want to do that.

"Why not?" he asked.

"First off you don’t have a condom, second I have never had sex before so I don’t know how to," I said.

He then leaned over to his nightstand, grabbed a condom, put it on his dick and as he grabbed my ass to put his dick near my asshole he whispered to my ear, “I will show you how, dont be scared.”

So I gave in. Knowing that he had a condom on made me feel more comfortable. He began by grabbing his dick and finding my asshole with it. You best bet that it was really tight. He began to just play with it as he began to slide it in very, very slowly. It was very painful. I had had a cold and stuffy nose and when I felt the pain my nose cleared up. NO LIE.  It was so painful. As he slid it deeper I felt a sudden urge to pee. It felt really weird.

I immediately asked him to take it out because the pain was too much. He got scared and asked me if I was ok. I told him I was ok but asked him to take it slower. So he did. He grabbed his dick again and stuck it in very slowly. He finally got all the way in and I was ready to explode.

He laid my back on the bed and threw my legs up on his shoulders and he began to move in and out slowly. It didn’t  take more that 20 seconds before I began to feel like I was about to ejaculate so I told him to stop. Again he got worried and asked me if I was ok.

"Yea I just feel like I am about to burst and I dont want to do it this fast," I said.

"But I do," he said as he continued to go in and out of me.

By him saying that and taking control like that turned me on like I never had before. Without me touching my dick I began to feel like I was about to ejaculate. I began to moan and he began to moan and say “yea.” And that just made me lose it! I ejaculated without ever touching my penis, never before had I done that. I believe that that excited him too because he ejaculated right after. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced. 

I didn’t want things to be weird between him and me after that so we vowed to not make it weird when we saw each other out in school. And as I left his room after cleaning up, he invited me to go over to his room again the next day ;)


Alberto ;) 

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I can remember the first time a touch another guy’s penis like if it was yesterday. I was in 8th grade and I was still doubting my sexuality although I knew I was attracted to guys. I had a friend who lived down the street who I always hanged out with. He was in the school’s soccer team and he was pretty hot. His name was Javier and he was in my gym class. It all started when I first got a glimpse of his penis in the locker room and here is the story.

One day after our gym class we were in the locker rooms changing from our gym clothes. We had just finished doing some laps around the indoor track that we had at our middle school. The entire class was changing like any other gym period but this time I dared myself to walk into the showers. 

Never before had I walked into the showers because I was too embarrassed to walk naked around a group of guys. I was too afraid that I would get an erection once I walked in. So this time around, I wrapped a towel around me and decided to take a peek ;) There were about five guys that were taking a shower including Javier. I looked at it for a while, by it I mean his penis, until I catched myself just staring at it. And guess who was staring at me. Yes, Javier was. Immediately I left the showers and changed to my regular clothes and walked out of the locker room.

Javier never confronted me about me staring at his penis. He never mentioned anything and we still would hang out like normal. About a month after I had seen him naked, he was at my house playing video games just like any other time that he would be at my house. We ended up somehow talking about Playboy magazines and how his brother had a stash of them in his room.

We ended up going to his house to look at his brother’s magazines. We simply were flipping though the magazines when all of the sudden, he began to rub his pants. I couldn’t help but look at him doing that. He then catched me looking at him and he told me to put his hand inside his pants.

At this point I felt really awkward. We were in his brother’s room looking at a Playboy magazine and he wanted to get his dick touched. I really wanted to do it but I didn’t want him to think I was gay.

I said something along the lines of, “No I cant do that, that is gross.” 

He then replied, “Its not like you didn’t like looking at it in gym class. Don’t worry its not gay to touch a guys dick.”

WTF! How can it not be gay to touch another guy’s dick! Anyways I went ahead and did it. He loosened up his pants and grabbed my hand and made me stick it in his underwear. He was very hard. He just made noises and closed his eyes as I began to move my hand lower towards his balls.

As I kept moving my hand around I began to freak out. Will he tell people we did that? Was I gay?! I removed my hands from his underwear and told him that I should probably go home.

I ended up going home thinking of how great that was but how scared I was that someone else would find out. We never talked about that time and we continued to hang out like we used to. Later I will put up anther story about him that has to do with more dick touching ;)