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The first time I made Austin cum was wonderful. But that same day night something happened that made me think things twice. He spent the night that time after I had made him cum.

The next morning, we both were getting ready for class. He went to use the restroom. The rooms in my dorm at that time were single rooms but we shared a restroom. When Austin was in the restroom washing his hands, he forgot to lock the door and my neighbor walked in. I knew my neighbor pretty well but he didn’t know I was gay. Once he saw Austin in the restroom semi-naked I knew he would think we were both gay. What college guy has another college guy over for a sleepover? A gay one.

At that moment I felt like it was the end of the world. I felt like my neighbor would tell the entire school of what just happened. I told Austin my worries and he simply told me not to worry about it. I couldn’t help but be nervous. I wasn’t ready to come out of the closet. I think Austin saw how nervous I was about it that he decided to try to calm me down.

While I laid in bed wondering what good lie to come up with, Austin neared his mouth towards my crotch and began kissing it softly. That immediately got me excited. He continued kissing and then began pulling my underwear off. He swayed his hands from my chest to the sides of my body down to my ass.

He then began sucking my dick. All the worries I had slipped my mind as I began enjoying what he was doing to me. He then flipped me over and began to kiss my back from the top of my neck to the bottom of my back.

As he kept going lower, my body kept arching more since the feeling was so great. The then began to slide his tongue from the bottom of my waist into my ass. I had not let anyone given me a rim job, but I was just about to let Austin give me one.

He began using his tongue to touch my anus. He began to sort of lick it. He would blow air softly in the spot he licked and the cooling sensation was marvelous. I see kept licking he began to stroke my dick. I knew he wanted to make me feel better and she wanted me to cum. So I let the pressure takeover. I enjoyed the moment and let myself get to the point where I was about to climax. I began to warn him that I was close to cumming and he began to stroke my dick harder and began to move his tongue even more in my anus. I exploded. He used the same hand he was jacking me off with to hold the cum in his hand. It was super hot.

After I was done, he didn’t ask for me to help him jack off. He simply wanted to make me feel better. Then, the reminder that my neighbor had caught us began to sink in. I knew something had to change. And unfortunately, it had to be my relationship with Austin.

(More to come)

Alberto ;)


Hello Tumblr friends!!!! I am finally back! I just graduated from college! I am the happiest man in the world! I hopefully will now have time to write all the stories from my crazy college years! Here is the 2nd part to the last story that I posted “Meeting a new guy”. If you don’t know which one it is or if you want to refresh your mind on the story then go to the link bellow :)

Sorry for the long hiatus but I am back and I am back for good :)

Meeting a new guy (Part 2)

The first time that I was with Austin we only kissed and rubbed our clothed bodies. To be honest I was fairly disappointed. I didn’t just wan to kiss him. I wanted to have sex with him. At first I wondered if he wanted the same thing and really just wanted to take it slowly or if he actually didn’t want to do anything with me. So I set myself to the task of finding out. 

A couple of days later, I invited him to my room. I remember I was nervous because I didn’t have a plan, I simply invited him over and left it all to fate to see what was going to happen. As soon as he walked in the door I began to feel horny. My mind went directly to what we did a couple of days ago. When he left his backpack on my chair, he turned and began staring at me. We stared for a few seconds. Seconds later we began walking to each other knowing what was about to happen.

He grabbed me by the head and brought me closer to his and began kissing me. His kiss was so soft. He didn’t use too much tongue. It was just perfect. 

Immediately I began directing him towards my bed. I wanted to have sex with him. I had fantasized being with him in bed since we made out a couple of days ago but I knew he wanted to take it slow. 

We got into my bed and he began to kiss me rougher. It got me turned on even more. I decided to start kissing his neck in an attempt to convince him to let me touch his penis. As I kissed his neck, I began to slide my hand from the side of his body to his ass. As I got closer and closer he kept moaning lightly. I was on top of him, while he laid on his back while he wrapped his legs over my body. I kept kissing him on the neck until my hand got to his ass and I began grabbing it. I noticed that he liked it so I kept doing it. 

From kissing his neck I proceeded to kiss his body. He still had his shirt on so I kissed the chest area right underneath his neck while I pulled his shirt on. Then he did something I wasn’t expecting him to do. He began taking his shirt off. Immediately I knew he wanted to have sex. I helped him take his shirt off and I continued kissing his body. From his chest I went to his nipples and went kissing all along the side of his body. The lower I got the more I realized he was liking it because he began arching his back. Eventually I got to his pants. I knew I had to test him first to see if he wanted to have sex so I began kissing his crotch area over his pants. He didn’t push me away. 

I then took my shirt off and went back up to kiss him in the mouth while I began to use my hands to unbuckle his belt. He didn’t resist. In fact, as I took his belt off, he took mine off. After that, things sped up. We both continued helping each other to take our pants off while we continued to kiss. Once our pants and underwear were off we touched our bodies and continued to kiss. I began to slide my mouth down his body again but this time I reached his penis. I began sucking it as he began moaning. He then stopped me and pulled me up. He then told me something that surprised me.

"This is the first time I am with a guy," he told me. "Ive never had sex before."

I was in shock. I obviously hadnt been with a virgin before and maybe thats why he was hesitant to have se at first. I then felt that I couldnt have sex with him. I didnt want to be the guy who corrupted him. But then I decided to just make sure that he at least cummed, and that he did so in my mouth. So I went down on him and began sucking his dick. As I did so, I began wondering if he wanted to be the top or the bottom I had only been the bottom while I had sex in the past. I then realized that he wanted to be the bottom also.

I began fondling his ass as I continued sucking him. He began moaning. I knew at that point that he wanted me to make him cum. The thought of pleasuring someone makes me more horny so I didnt mind doing so. I began sucking even deeper, making sure every inch of his large thick dick filled my throat. The deeper he got in my throat, the tighter he squeezed my arms the I had on his waist. I kept sucking him until he began moaning louder and realized he was about to cum. 

As I had his penis in my mouth, he began to cum. His warm cum filled my mouth. His moan turned into sighs of relief. He then told me that that had just been this first blow job. I guranteed him it wouldnt be his last.

(His story will continue on the next blog )


Alberto ;)


Robert and I had lots of sex. Most of it was in his dorm. I would sneak out of my room late at night and sneak into his. We always were careful that no one saw us, specially the residence hall monitor. Our school is very strict about visitors in the dorms and the last thing that we wanted was to get caught.

Robert was a senior so around April I knew that our fun evenings were ending… A week before finals, we discussed that the next time we had sex might be our last one. He was graduating and moving to Chicago for grad school and I was staying at the same university to finish my undergrad studies. He told me that he wanted our last time to be special. He said that having our last sexual encounter in his dorm was too boring and risky. Around finals, the residence hall monitors did more rounds than usual to ensure silence for people who were studying.

A couple of days later he texted me that he wanted to see me. I knew that he was texting me to have sex. He told me to walk towards the parking lot nearest to his dorm. As I walked to the parking lot, I saw him driving towards me to pick me up. He stopped, parked, got off the car and opened the door for me. He even gave me a kiss before he closed the door. I was really scared that someone might have seen us but it was late at night and in the middle of the parking lot so I doubt anyone saw.

We drove towards the west part of town. He played and sang his Glee music as we got into the highway. I didn’t know where he was taking me.

"Where are we going," I asked him.

"I don’t know," he said. "I’m just driving."

He kept driving and driving. I tried to start conversation with him but it seemed as if he was not interested in talking. He finally got off the highway and began to drive into a parking lot of a hotel.

"You rented a hotel room?" I asked.

"No silly. We are having sex in the parking lot," he said seriously.

"Oh no," I remember telling him. The parking lot was fully lit and people were walking around. "Lets go find a darker place."

He kept driving and he ended getting into a residential area. He drove for about 5 minutes thinking he would find a dark area but he ended up hitting a dead end on the road.

"What should we do," he said. He parked his car at the end of the dead end street. He turned off his car but left his music on. He then reclined his seat. I didn’t know what to think. There were some houses near by and I didn’t think he’d want us to have sex there. I thought he wanted to think of other places he might know where we could have sex. I reclined my seat and began to sing along with the music coming out of the stereo. 

"Are you going to miss me," he asked me.

"Hmmmm…. No," I said laughing. 

"I’ll make you miss me," he told me as he leaned over for a kiss.

He began kissing me softly. He would bite my lip every once in a while. I loved when he did that. I didn’t think he would want something else until he began to rub my pants.

I told him I was scared that someone would find us there. We were in a residential area after all. He didn’t tell me anything. He only kept kissing me and rubbing me. By this point I was fully erect. I let him slide his hand down my pants. He grabbed my dick and would touch my precum. He kept kissing me.

I pushed him back to his seat and asked him to push his seat even more back. I sat on his lap, or at least I tried. The space was very little. It was very uncomfortable. We tried making out in that position but it just felt awkward. He then told me to go to the back seat. 

I jumped though the middle of the car and laid down. He got on top of me as he kept kissing me. At first I thought it might work. He began to take my pants and underwear off and I took his off. The space was still very small and it was still uncomfortable. He tried to give me head but the space in the car didn’t allow him to do so. We both were getting frustrated.

"Let’s go outside of the car," he said. I didn’t know what to say. I just went ahead and did it. I exited the car hopping with my pants by my knees. I walked towards the end of the car where we were hidden from the street’s view. He came to me and immediately got on his knees and began to give me head. The sensation was incredible. The soft breeze felt good on my penis when he was sucking it. I kept looking back to see if any cars were passing by or if someone by the near houses was looking. No cars and no lights in the houses. It was late and I doubted anyone would be awake that late. 

He continued to suck me and I began to get more nervous. I knew that he wanted sex and I knew that that would be our last time having sex so I wanted to please him. I told him to stand up and I turned around. I began fondling my anus hinting at him that I wanted him to fuck me. He pulled out a condom from his pocket and put it on. 

He tried sliding it in me but it was too dry. He went to the car and got some lube and came back quickly. He applied the lube on his condom. I then got the urge to take his condom off. I had been having safe sex with him for a long time and we both had recently gotten tested. He had not had sex with anyone else since we started playing around and neither did I. I was going to let him fuck me bareback only because I knew it was going to be okay. 

He finished putting lube on his penis and then began playing with my anus. He slowly inserted it. The feeling was unforgettable. Once he was completely in he stayed there for a moment. I wanted that moment to last forever. I picked up my leg a bit so that he could insert me better. he began to pull in and out slowly. The pain felt good. Knowing that he was inside of me made me feel great. He began to go in and out of me faster. The faster he went the better I felt. 

He then hugged me. He put his face close to my ear and he began to talk to me. That was the hottest thing that we had ever done. He continued to go in and out of me as he kept hugging me. I wanted him to cum fast because I was afraid someone would see us and I am sure he did too. He began to press me harder indicating to me that he was about to cum. I told him to cum inside of me. He began to moan lightly into my ear. I moaned lightly so that he would have a better orgasm. He burst inside of me. I felt his hot cum inside of me. It was amazing. He kept hugging me as he pulled out. He then turned me around and began kissing me. He got on his knees and wanted to make me cum but I stopped him. The sex was so good that I didn’t need to cum. The sex was just perfect. We began lifting our pants and got back on the car. 

He drove me back to school and on our way back we talked about how much we were going to miss each other. He dropped me off at the front door of my dorm and he gave me a kiss in the car. I wasn’t afraid of anyone looking. I just wanted to enjoy my last kiss with him.


Alberto ;)

P.S. This was not the last time we had sex ;) We met up months later and I will tell you the story also later ;)


Ever since I can even remember, I have fantasied about having sex in the shower. It is something that as I grew up I always would dream of. Being in the shower and having this hunk come into the shower with me and rubbing my back and then having some steamy sex. That is not exactly what I had but it was very similar.

The guy who I had been having encounters with, Robert, would always want for me to try something new. He was like my teacher in gay sex. He would teach me new sex positions, sex toys and even introduced me to gay porn sites that I will later discuss.

One night that he invited me over to his room to have sex, he asked me if there was something that I had wanted to do. I didn’t immediately say it but I ended up telling him that I had always wanted to have sex in the shower.

His reaction wasn’t what I expected. “In the shower? Why in the Shower.”

I couldn’t even explain why but that was my “fantasy.” I immediately saw that he wasn’t into the shower idea so we just kinda rolled along with it and simply had sex in bed.

The following day, while I was walking from class with my friends to the cafeteria I bumped into him in one of the courtyards at the university. We chatted for a while and then went our own ways. A little later I got a text from him telling me that I should meet him in his room before class. I knew he wanted to have sex but I wasn’t going to go in the middle of the day to go have sex because I still had class after lunch and I didn’t want to be all sweaty the rest of the day.

He insisted for me to go so like always I ended up in his room. As soon as I walked in he locked the door of his room and began to kiss me. He slowly began to remove my clothes as we kissed. We had little time so we wanted to enjoy the time we had. 

Before I removed his pants he stopped me. He grabbed me by the wrist and took me to his restroom. I was so excited when he did that because I knew exactly what he was doing. He wanted me to have sex with him in the shower!

He continued to remove my clothes gently. He would slide his hand from my shoulders, through my back down to my ass and then he would grab my thighs. His touch was so sensual and exhilarating.

He turned on the shower and he jumped in it first. I got in and the water was nice and warm. He continued to kiss me and slide his hands though my back. The water added to the entire feeling of the situation. It was super hot.

He then turned me around, made me bend down and began to insert his penis into me. The water continued to fall on my back and I could just feel it slide down my body like he had slided his hands around my body earlier. 

He began to go faster and the contact between my body and his would make a splashing noise. He began to go even faster and I felt like my fantasy was being fulfilled in its entirely. I began to feel like I was going to climax soon after so we slowed down so that we could enjoy the moment.

I turned around, got on my knees and began to give him head. I am not a big fan of sucking cock but the fact that he was fulfilling my fantasy made me want to please him the most as possible. Giving head in the shower isn’t as bad as other times that I have given head. To me it obviously feels cleaner and better. 

After giving him head we continued to kiss and to rub each other. It was the hottest moment yet. I asked him if he could continue to fuck me so he did.

As I began to feel like I was about to climax I began to moan to indicate to him that I was about to. He began to fuck me faster and faster until I reached climax. Right after I did, he came also. It was one of the best sex experiences up to the moment.

The best part of the shower sex was the clean up! All we had to do was to add a little soap and we were fresh, clean and done. We both got out of the shower, dried up and changed to go back to class.


My fondest sex experiences are with the guy that I lost my virginity to. Like I mentioned in the stories before, he was only a friend that lured me into his room. His name was Robert. He was not the kind of guy that I would think I’d date but he “seduced” me and I had fallen for him.

After the first night that I was with him, I knew that he would want me to return. He didn’t ask me to see him the following day although we texted all day long. He kept asking me how I was feeling. I was a little bit sore and he told me it was normal.

"You need more practice," he told me.

I tried to play hard and I told him that I didn’t want to do it for a while. He kept bugging me and bugging me until I accepted to just meet up with him to talk the following day. The next night, he sneaked me into the building again and took me to his room. His room’s light was off just like the first night and I knew he would want to have sex again. 

"I just want to chill an talk today," I told him. 

"Yeah, me too."

So we talked for a while. We talked about his plans after college. He was a senior who was about to graduate so he had planed to go live to Chicago to study law. He was top of his class at my school and he was the SGA president. That turned me on even more. The school that we went to was pretty small. Less than 2300 students attended. I kept fearing that someone would find out about him and me so I begged him to not tell anyone. He was out and he had many gay friends that I feared would find out about us.

"Don’t worry! I wouldn’t want anyone knowing I am having sex anyways," he said. " I don’t go around bragging about who I had sex with to my friends."

That made me feel a little more comfortable. He made me feel so comfortable that we both laid in the bed just talking. He grabbed my hand and began playing with it with his fingers. After a while I began to get tired so I fell asleep. Around 20 minutes later I woke up to him kissing me. It felt so surreal. I felt wanted, and by a man. Totally turned me on. He kept kissing me and before you knew it I was on top of him.

I felt his hard penis though his jeans. We continued to kiss and he began to undress me. I took his clothes off too and we continued to kiss. His lips were so perfect. I loved kissing him. He began to kiss my neck but I immediately stopped him. The last thing that I wanted from him was a hickey so I wouldn’t let him get near my neck. I also got very ticklish whenever he got near my neck with his lips. He then pulled out a condom and asked me to put it on him. After putting it on and applying some lube on it I grabbed his penis and neared it to my ass.

I thought I’d be ready but I was still very tight. I still was a bit sore from the first time so he told me to take it slow. So we did. I sat on it and went very slowly down. I had to stop several times to take a breather because the pain was there. But after he was all the way in me I felt different. I felt it was right. I felt pleasure. 

So I began to go up and down faster, but not too fast. There was still some pain, but now it was more pleasurable. After a couple of minutes in the same position he told me he wanted to try other positions. He flipped me over and we began to do it “doggie style.” I couldn’t believe it. I just kept thinking of all the porn that I had watched and now I was doing it. While he was fucking me this way I began to feel like I was about to cum.

I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t last long! Whenever I masturbated it could take me a good 30 minutes before I felt like ejaculating but having sex made me want to ejaculate after only 5! So I told him to slow down. He told me he liked to make me cum so he put me laying down with my feet over his shoulders and he began to drill me just like the last time when he made me ejaculate in the same position. This just brought me to my climax and I came again without ever touching my penis. It was incredible. He came shortly after and he pulled out and threw the condom in the trash can. He let me wash up quick and he told me to get back in bed. We simply laid there with him hugging me and we talked until we both fell asleep.

It was so crazy! I couldn’t believe what was happening. I soon woke up and told him I had to go back to my room. I didn’t want to have to explain to my roommate why I was coming into the room at 3 of the morning on a school night. He was a brother of my fraternity and we were somewhat close so I’d hate to have to come up with something to cover it up. We promised to see each other again. That made me really happy. The rest of the times I was with him were great experiences also.


Alberto ;)

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Losing my virginity was not too exciting. I didn’t plan to or expected to lose my virginity that day but it simply happened.

It all started one night while I was at my dorm in college. I was online on Facebook when I got a message from a gay guy at my school who I knew pretty well. He did not know I was gay but I am sure he thought I was. I lied to him and we would talk about the girls that I had dated. I told him that I was raised in a very conservative family and that I was still a virgin waiting for the right girl at the right time. He was very open to me and told me that he was attracted to me. That made me feel attracted to him. He kept bugging me about many different things including him telling me that he wanted to give me a blow job.

Of course I wanted him to give me a blow job but I pretended like what he was saying was the grossest things ever. He continued to try to convince me by telling me that lots of straight guys like to be blown by gay men, because of the entire “no strings attached” thing supposedly. He even told me that some of my brothers from the fraternity had been with him! I couldnt believe that at all.

So he kept bugging me for the longest time until I said “Fuck it! I will just do it.” So I told him that I was down for him to give me a blow job and thats it. He told me not to worry about it and that he would be very discreet. I was so afraid that he was going to tell people about it. He was graduating in about a month and he had nothing to lose if he told people that he blew me.

But never the less I went to the building he lived in and he sneaked me into his room being careful that no one saw us. Inside his room I didn’t know what to do. I had already been with other guys and we had masturbated but never with someone that I knew in real life if that makes sense. 

So I sat on the bed and he told me to make myself comfortable. I took off my shoes and by that time he was already on his knees touching my thighs. I believe he wanted to me to get hard but the thing was that I had been hard since we had our conversation on Facebook.

"Man you are ready for me to suck you off," he told me when he saw that I was hard. 

I didn’t know what to say to that so I just remained quiet. He began to lick the top of my dick and then ban to suck me off. I wanted to keep pretending that I was straight and that it was a little bit gross by not wanting to touch him with my hands. In reality I wanted to grab his hair and make him suck me faster. The feeling was great! It all felt wonderful.

It all felt so wonderful that I made him stop, grabbed him by the face and brought it close to mine and I told him I was really gay. He seemed confused so I repeated it to him.

"I am really gay." 

He then smiled, leaned closer and began to kiss me…..

(Part 2 will be up soon)


Alberto ;)