I never thought that I would ever be in a long distance relationship. There is a saying in Spanish that goes “Amor de lejos es amor de pendejos,” which pretty much means that long distance relationships are for idiots. At times during my online relationship I did think that I was being stupid.

As you might have read on my previous post, I met a guy on Dailybooth.com that became my first boyfriend. Apparently I am not the only one that has found love on this site. I have talked to many people who have told me that they have met and dated people from this site. In my very unscientific research, I found that most of these people dated online because they couldn’t be themselves out in the world.

The Internet became there safe-heaven and there were able to date whoever they wanted without being criticized. I was one of these people. I didn’t really want an online relationship. I didn’t want my boyfriend to live thousands of miles away from me. I wanted to be able to hug him, kiss him, and yes, fuck him. But due to my situation, I was not able to date in my hometown. Even if it was on the down-low I would have risked to be outed. I could not take that risk. So when someone payed attention to me online I fell and I fell HARD :/.

His name was James but he went by Junior. He was Spanish/Filipino/American/Canadian. He was a complete juicy goodness. He also was a closeted gay teen and he was only a year older than me. From the moment I met him I couldn’t stop thinking of him. He followed me on all of my social networks and I followed him back.

We communicated with each other in every way possible. He was from Canada so we couldn’t just text each other so we sent each other messages through twitter. We were friends for a long time before he asked me to officially be his boyfriend. Before he asked me, I had said that I would never have an online relationship because I though it wouldn’t work, but the night he asked me, I jumped in surprise and excitement and told him yes while I kissed the screen of my computer when we were skyping.